Stay With Me My Love 我的愛在我身邊 DVD

Stay With Me My Love 我的愛在我身邊 DVD
Stay With Me My Love 我的愛在我身邊 DVD
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Korean Drama DVD: 

Stay With Me My Love 我的愛在我身邊


  • Starring: 李素妍 Lee So-yeon, 李載允 Lee Jae-yoon, 溫朱元 Ohn Joo-wan

  • Language: Korean/Mandarin

  • Subtitle: English/Chinese/Malay

  • Media Type: PAL, Region Code 3&6 

  • Production: Korea SBS 2011

  • No of CDs: 10 DVDs (50 episodes) 

  • Rating for English subtitled: Good


Mi-sol lives with her mother - who is a piano teacher. Mi-sol is not happy with her mother who force her to have extra tutorial with some high-classes people. Seok-bin (Mi-sol’s best friend) was forced by his mother to take the tutorial class together with Mi-sol. However, both of them feel stress and could not tolerate with the decision being made by their mom and ran away from home. In the night that they both console with each other, they end up sleeping together. This stupid mistake makes Mi-sol become pregnant unluckily. She has to give up her test because of pregnancy, but Seok-bin leaves her by avoiding her and running away from the responsibility that he caused.

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