I’m Legend 我是传说 DVD

 I’m Legend 我是传说 DVD
 I’m Legend 我是传说 DVD
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Korean Drama DVD: 

I’m Legend 我是传说


  • Starring: Kim Jung-eun 金晶恩, Lee Joon-hyuk 李俊赫, Kim Seung-soo 金承秀, Jang Shin-young 张申英

  • Language: Korean/Mandarin

  • Subtitle: English/Chinese/Malay

  • Media Type: NTSC, Widescreen 16:9

  • Production: Korean SBS 2010

  • No of CDs: 4 DVDs (16 episodes) 

  • Rating for English subtitled: Good



Back in her high school days Jeon Seol-hee (Kim Jung-eun) was the singer for a legendary rock group, but to support her younger sister's education she started to work as a clerk at a top Korean law firm. While working there she met a bright lawyer named Cha Ji-wook (Kim Seung-soo) and eventually married. Seol-hee then became the daughter-in-law for an ultra wealthy family, but Seol-hee soon learns that all that glitters isn't gold. At social functions Seol-hee's husband instructs her to not speak and just nod in agreement with the others. Her mother-in-law (Cha Hwa-yeon) is incredibly insensitive to Seol-hee as a person. What pushes Seol-hee to the edge is when Seol-hee's younger sister, who is now a doctor, is hospitalized with cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant from Seol-hee. Seol-hee's mother-in-law opposes Seol-hee doing the medical procedure because it will interfere with Seol-hee's visits to a fertility clinic. Seol-hee's husband offers no support whatsoever. A few days later at a family dinner, Seol-hee announces that she will file for divorce. Seol-hee, now single again, embarks on a new career as a singer for the "Madonna Band," an all female group consisting of "ahjummas" (older women). Seol-hee also starts a relationship with Jang Tae-hyeon (Lee Joon-hyuk), a guitarist and composer...


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