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Woman DVD
Woman DVD Woman DVD
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Japanese Drama : 

Woman DVD


  • Starring: Mitsushima Hikari, Suzuki Rio, Takahashi Rai & Oguri Shun

  • Language: Japanese 

  • Subtitle: English/Chinese 

  • Media Type: NTSC, All Region Code

  • Production: NTV  2013

  • No of CDs:  3 DVDs (11 episodes) Complete


Currently, there are over 1 million single mothers in Japan. Their average annual income is about 2 mil yen (1.8 mil if government subsidies are excluded), which is about a third of the nation's average annual income of 5.4 mil yen. We cannot begin to imagine the stress they are under to make ends meet. Shunned by society, they find it difficult to find a way out of their poverty. This drama showcases how a single mother gives her all in trying to provide for her beloved children.

Koharu is a single mother of two, Nozomi and Riku. After the accidental death of her husband Shin, she tries to seek welfare but is deemed ineligible as she doesn't meet certain criteria. When asked if she has any relatives who will be able to provide her financial aid, Koharu says that she has no living relatives. Her mother, Sachi, had abandoned her and her father 20 years ago, for her current husband Kentaro. Since that day, Koharu has had no contact with her mother, and her father had also passed away.

When the welfare department called up Sachi, to check if she is able to provide for Koharu, Sachi replies affirmative. Koharu doubts that will happen, since her mother had abandoned her all these years. Then, Koharu decides to meet Sachi...

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