TVB Drama : Point Of No Return DVD (西关大少)

TVB Drama : Point Of No Return DVD (西关大少)
TVB Drama : Point Of No Return DVD (西关大少)
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Title Name Point Of No Return (西关大少)
No of Disc 6 Discs (30 Episodes)
Version Cantonese 
Subtitles Chinese / English / Malay
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Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Casting Damian Lau /Angie Chiu /Julian Cheung /Charmaine Sheh /Sammul Chan /Hon Kwan Ting



CHOW MING HIN (LA CHUNG YAN)is the third generation decision maker of Kwong Wan Transport Company. He is under enormous pressure at work and from family conflicts. Even his wife, LEE TAK YUNG (LUI SHAN), cannot ease the pressure. Within the whole family, only the servant maid, NG YK HING (CHIU NGAR CHI), undrestands him. HIN plans to marry HING as his second wife. However. rumor has it that the wedding is cancelled.... HO SHEUNG HEI (SHEH CHARMAINE), who comes from a poor family, is secretly in lvoe with CHAN KAI TONG (CHENG KEVIN). CHOW TIN CHI(CHEUNG CHI LAM), who has fallen in love with HEI without himself realizing it, does all he can to mess her dates with TONG. Later, CHI ignores his mother, YUNG's, objections and is determined to be with HEI. When HIN has an accident, CHI has to learn how to run the family business. Can young CHI handle all the pressure from his uncles and business enemies?

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